The Wisdom of Trauma

Gabor Maté is a renowned expert on addiction and trauma, and his compassionate approach has changed the way so many people across the world conceptualize these topics. Maté has reframed addiction as a response to trauma, a way for the addict to cope with their difficult emotional suffering, and is not something to be judged, shamed, and persecuted, but rather approached with care, empathy, and seeking to treat and heal the underlying trauma. This new film takes a deeper look at his work, and seeks to shine a light on the ways in which complex trauma is at the root of so many of society’s problems, including overcrowded prisons, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, and rising overdoses and suicides. The more comfortable we get as a society in understanding and discussing trauma, the easier it will be for people to process their emotions and heal their emotional wounds. I highly recommend this film for anyone with an interest in better understanding the effects of complex trauma on mental, physical, and societal health, and why we should all care about it. You can access the film here:

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