Eclectic Depth Therapy for Creatives, Artists, and LGBTQ+ Adults

Together we can help you work through those struggles, rediscover that inner badass, and live your grooviest damn life.

Creative types and artists usually don’t have much trouble seeing the beauty and art in the world, but are often sensitive and feel the darkness deeply. You may not show it on the outside, but you might be feeling overwhelmed or stuck creatively because of all the bullshit going on in the world right now. The existential crises of modern times are getting you down, so you haven’t been feeling great about yourself. You are craving more inspiration in life, healthier relationships, and are ready to dig deep to get a better understanding of who are, who you want to become, and what you want out of life and love.

It’s normal and more than ok to need some support to get through it.

Whether you are feeling anxious and not sure why, struggling with your identity, healing from heartache or trauma, or simply want to improve your self-esteem, together we will identify and challenge the old patterns that aren’t serving you anymore, and help you figure out what’s been getting in the way of being the most authentic and healthy version of your badass self.

Find Inner Peace

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

~ Carl Jung

Depth Therapy

In depth therapy, the goal is to work together collaboratively to bring to light the unconscious beliefs and wounds that are holding you back, and integrate the various parts of yourself to create a more whole, healthy, authentic version of you. Deep down you hold the answers to your own life’s mysteries and questions, and within a supportive therapeutic relationship, you can gain a greater understanding of your own inner world, and create positive changes in your life so that you can experience more hope, inner peace, and joy.

Relationship Issues

As human beings we are wired to connect with others, but sometimes our childhood or past relationship experiences can create challenges in that department. Perhaps there were relationships in your family that modeled unhealthy attachment patterns, or maybe due to circumstances in your life, you have struggled the most with your relationship with yourself. I help my clients excavate where those barriers are coming from, find love and acceptance for yourself no matter where you are at, and discover a new healthier path forward in your relationship to yourself and your loved ones. There is hope!

Come as you are

Therapy is a safe and judgment-free space in which you can identify the patterns that aren’t working for you, become more self-aware of negative perceptions and beliefs that are holding you back, and grow towards becoming the best version of yourself. Each of us is on a unique and personal journey of growth and evolution, and by learning how to harness your strengths and evolve through your setbacks, you can discover your individual potential, and create the life of your dreams.

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Amy-Lynn Gerber Psychotherapy
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Los Angeles, California

“I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become.”

~ Carl Jung